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azienda pepita - peperoncini italiani


The Company Pepita Srl, founded in May 2013, replaced the Company F.lli Cirillo S.r.l. which preceded it in the past and from which it inherited its history and traditions, leaving the intentions and objectives unchanged.

In fact, the new Company has a staff capable of uniting the passion and experience of half a century with modern machinery systems, and in this way maintains the high quality of its products while keeping costs low.

Pepita is located in Torre Annunziata, on the west side of Campania just a few hundred meters from the sea and not far from the Sorrento peninsula and the Lattari mountains.

It covers an area of about 6000 square meters of which 4000 is reserved for the storage of goods available for sale and 2000 square meters reserved for the Department of Transformation where there is highly advanced machinery and skilled personnel for the selection and production of fresh products.

The mild and favorable climate of the location and the nearby collection centers makes for high quality and productivity of peppers that can be transformed during processing in to pulp, concentrate and puree, succulent ingredients for dishes of all kinds.

Pepita did not stop at the production of preserves but has broadened its horizons turning its attention to the sale of spices and dried fruit which also receive great acclaim.

The company has scrupulously adhered to the rules in force in food production, with regard to the quality and safety of the products, making use of certifications that comply with these standards such as ORGANIC(BIO) and BRC, or standard recognition of the safety of food products distributed in supermarkets worldwide.

Processing and ways of use

The manufacturing process of the ground chilli is done by washing, sorting and manual coring of the red and spicy chillies that have reached the right level of maturity.

The seeds used particularly of the type "Nose of the Dog" are exclusively our own and therefore Made in Italy.

They are planted in the surrounding countryside, where the favorable climatic conditions allow the harvesting, which is done by hand, of the ripe and tasty red fruit.

The period in which the peppers are normally sown is from March to May, whereas the harvest begins in August and ends in November.

The hot and sweet chili sauces obtained are suitable for consumption, either as a finished product for the table to be added to dishes of meat and fish, improving the taste, or to be added to other ingredients, like spices or grilled vegetables, thus enriching the scent and flavor.

From the same manufacturing process as the chillies, in addition to the pulp and the fresh puree the concentrate is also obtained.

It is baked at a temperature of 85 ° and, using specialized machinery, any seeds are extracted, thus obtaining a smooth sauce with an irresistible fragrance to be added to meat dishes but, above all, to be eaten with many types of pressed meats, thus enhancing the typically Mediterranean aroma and flavor.

proprietà e benefici del peperoncino

Features and Benefits

One of the main components of the red chilli is capsaicin, an active ingredient with several beneficial properties attributed to chilli; other substances are capsanthin, various salts and natural trace elements and lecithin (contained particularly in the seeds).

It is important to remember the remarkable presence in chili of vitamin C, which, among its other functions, plays an important role in defence against infection.

Moreover, thanks to its antioxidant properties, it appears to inhibit the development of cancer of the stomach.

It is particularly interesting to observe the effect of the regularization of blood circulation that chilli plays in the human body combined with a beneficial effect in cases of inflammation.

If administered orally, capsaicin causes a greater secretion of digestive enzymes aiding the digestive process.

Chilli, in addition to helping blood circulation, is an effective vasodilator, and it improves the elasticity of blood capillaries; it was found that in the regions where it is widely used, diseases like heart attacks, arteriosclerosis and high cholesterol are considerably limited.

Finally it seems that even hair benefits from the use of chilli; In fact, better blood circulation would have positive effects on the life of the hair bulbs.

It is important to remember that, as with all foods, one should not exaggerate in its use, otherwise this healthy food product could be dangerous and cause health problems.